Well people it's cold out tonight.. at least for those of you reading this in New York..LOL
Things have been moving quickly these days and I am trying to keep up. Not complaining one bit.

I couldn't believe my eyes at the amount of people that came to the White Inn for the show at the Fredonia Red,White and Blues Fest.

Jammin in the Vines II was an amazing event that we opened for at Willow Creek Winery. I thank Doug @ Willow Creek, John Streed, Big Leg Emma and Ross Catalino for having us.

The Festivals that Merritt Winery has booked us to perform at have given the originals much exposure as well and are so much fun! (and I do love those Sangria Slushies)

Since I picked up the guitar to seriously learn and start writing 8 months ago I now have about an one and half hours worth of original music. How the hell did that happen? BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU.

You guys inspired me. You continue to inspire me. Now when we perform the originals we can do about a set worth and I notice the dance floor full. Some of you sing with me and call out for songs I wrote. Blows my mind. I thank you for that.

I was telling a friend on the way home from work today the difference between writing and performing your own songs and doing covers. It is such a rush. I don't want to go back to doing all covers. It can be an emotional roller coaster for me performing the originals at times. It is like reading your diary to a crowd of people. Yet, a level of trust has been formed. Like a in a friendship. When I introduce a new song, you all welcome it and embrace it. People have commented that there is a unique connection between our fan base and the band. I don't know how that happened other than I try to express how much I appreciate all of you. I share a lot, maybe more than I should some say. Yet, who cares. I took a big risk just doing originals, why not be honest about them and not put on airs as if I am something I am not? What you see is what you get. Pretty simple concept.

We are looking forward to finishing the CD. We decided that it needs more work. I have been busy writing and I do not want to put out something for you guys that is not complete and well done. You deserve better than that.

Merchandise has been designed and will be ready soon.

We are looking forward to playing a bit more regionally as well. I will keep you posted!

My focus right now regarding events is NDS Benefit at Willow Creek for the children of Nate Stevens. (Please see the event here for OCT 1st for details)
I hope for a huge success for the family. Everyone is working so hard. My prayers go out to them. Nate believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. So on Oct 1st I sing for him and his family as well as all of you. I miss him very much as do many of you. Let's make this happen people and pack Willow Creek in October!

As a final light hearted note, I have noticed that I am getting a lot of interest in my personal life since I have been doing originals. It's kinda cute. Some that do not know me ask me similar questions in FB emails or at shows.
So here ya go, answers to the top ten questions. I don't need to post the questions you guys already asked me...hahaha
1. No, I have never been married and it doesn't really interest me.
2. Pizza
3. I date but I try to avoid musicians.. LMAO!
4. I get nervous before every show. Frank Sinatra once said, "If you find that you are not nervous before a performance, you should go home"
5. well done
6. Dean Martin
7. My Mother
8. 75% Sicilian, 25% Napolitana
9. I would consider someone else performing a song I wrote.
10. Surrounding myself with positive people ensures a healthy outlook on life.
Oh wait, one more..I must add, "No, I will not go home with you after the show, I'm hanging with the band". ;)