Originals, festivals and all that good stuff... :)

Seems like a good time of night to listen to some of my favorite music from Italy and blog about what is going on with Side Effect and the new music we are diving into.

First I want to thank all of you for your support and for joining us on this adventure. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe when I see all of you at the shows. I am humble and grateful. When I pitch ya a new song I wrote, I am like a kid that just drew a new picture and wants to share it with someone they care about. LOL

It is so crazy to think that six months ago I started writing. I never dreamed we would have a song selling on line and all of you sharing this with us. The comments on FB keep me going as well more than you know. I truly mean every "thank you". Some days I get up and think, "What are you crazy Gina?" But I think if this is crazy, then yes I am. I'm good with that. My biggest believer in my music was my father. I know that he would want me to continue writing, throwing curves, and challenging myself. I am influenced by all of you when I write and perform. Your kind words and feedback have truly effected my path in a good way. I have decided to truly block all negative and focus on positive thought. Surround yourself with positive people, it is healthy for you.. :)

The guys have been working so hard on the originals. I am very impressed with their dedication and talent. They take a song I wrote the night before and breathe new life into it. They listen and add their creative input. Then it becomes our song, not just mine. At this time we have about an hour worth of original music. Our goal is to be able to play venues that want only original, AND be able to perform locally for those that want to hear both, the originals and your favorite covers.
Jammin the Vines ll on August 27th @ Willow Creek Winery will be an example of that type of performance. We will be doing our originals and a few covers.

This week Bill is heading into the studio to lay down some acoustic guitar tracks for the CD. Then it is my turn to finish up the vocals and add any harmonies that would sound cool. This will then give Dan and my brother Chuck time to mix the CD.
We received our official letter in the mail from The United States Library of Congress stating that the songs on the CD are copyrighted and legally ours. :)
The rest I have written will be copyrighted as well.

I am working on our Fall bookings now. Yes, I intend on playing local and hoping to continue doing some out of town shows as well, so we might be planning some bus trips!
Bill and I are heading to Pittsburgh to Penn Brewery in August and I already know a bunch that are coming down and getting hotel rooms. This ought to be a riot! If that interests you, email me from here.

The new songs I have written are hard to describe because they are still being formatted with the guys. I would say some are alt country, rock and some roots based. One is purely pop Italian. (and written in Italian)
The Italian song is titled, Ti Pensero' which means I will think of you.
It will be recorded soon while doing the CD and released on iTunes and Amazonmp3 as a single to be promoted in Europe and here in the US asap.

I strive to create music that stirs the soul and brings a smile or a tear. I want to continue to work towards Side Effect (me as well) putting on a complete and professional performance for all of you. You deserve to hear and see a full blown show, to be entertained.

I need to thank the bar owners, venues, managers and promoters also that believed and still believe in my original music. John Streed manager of Big Leg Emma heard a few rough drafts months ago and said, "Keep writing Gina, don't give up". Charity Nuse of BLE refused to let me think negatively when I had a "freak out" about my songs. LOL.

So, that's the scoop! Festivals for the summer, CD getting wrapped up and I am writing, writing, writing... and thankful every minute.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming shows. We will be doing three for Merritt winery and two with Willow Creek Winery..(I might become a wino performing at all this wine fests!) LOL

See you all soon!

Gina :)