Please help save my family tree.. historical and yes, like a country song, my mamma loved it :( NYS you are tree cutting fools!

It has been quite the day! I am currently trying to stop NYS DOT from removing the tree at the end of our driveway. They have worked with us in the past and held off before. I quote a supervisor that spoke to me a couple years ago, "I am sorry Gina, we will leave the tree alone. It is healthy and does not need to come down. We get so much money each year and we have to spend it. If we do not spend it we do not get the same amount the next year. I will find the crew something else to do. I do not want to upset your elderly mother". New boss, Mom gone...they are sharpening their saws as we speak. Yes, they have the right of way. Yes, it is a big tree. Thank you to our town Supervisor that has tried to help and Andy Goodell our Assemblyman. The DOT will not work with us. They have refused every offer we have made to appease them. The tree is about 200 years old. NO accident history, on a straight away..but it doesn't matter. It has to go and it could any day, at any time without my knowledge. A tree service from Rochester stopped by and the owner said to me, " I won't cut this tree. It is healthy, I will refuse NY DOT's offer, they are being ridiculous". I have contacted the DEC and they are going to come and research the tree asap to see if it has historical value and if it falls into the BIG TREE PROGRAM. The American Forest Association told me today that the bulk of their calls nationwide are from NYS citizens.. hmmm.. she said and I quote, "around here we call NY the tree slaughter state..". She also added that before any tree is cut it can be assessed for value and by law the state has to pay the land owner that cost. They never told me that, nor will they talk to me. Please say a little prayer that Mamma's, Dad's and the Cowden's tree is spared. It would be nice to preserve some Arkwight history around here.. Thanks!
If you would like the number to contact the heartless Supervisor in Albany that will not even speak to me, email me at
There is still hope. Thanks guys!
We also asked about trimming branches, they said no. We asked about a guard rail and to move the driveway, they said no. We asked about lowering the speed limit, they said no..and might I quote this ignorant person from Albany, " If you lower the speed limit the locals will not pay attention to it and will run into any out of town people that are following the new speed limit, this will cause accidents".. what?????