Stoked about the future... learning from the past.

Hello fabulous people out there!

I may know some of you that read my blogs and some I do not. However what you see is pretty much what you get. LOL Either way I am glad to see you here on the site.

I am home getting ready to work on my newest song and thought I would take a moment and touch base.

I am happy to be back working with Mark Bunce and Jon Washburn in COAL TRAIN. Nothing like returning "home" as one of them put it. I have worked with Mark since 1992 and Jon for about 10 years now. Working with Stephanie on vocals together is an amazing experience! You can see where COAL TRAIN will be performing in the upcoming shows section on this site. I will be adding new shows as they are confirmed. So stop back and visit from time to time.
COAL TRAIN is working on my original songs and making them thier own. I hope to be back in the studio soon!

I want to say thank you to those of you that have shown such support for the songs that I have been writing and performing. It can be a very scary thing to get up there and spill your soul. Yet, I have found that people are not upset when you do an original song, they actually are open and want to hear something different. I believed in you, and you in turn believed in me. :)

So, on that note I will return to my guitar and work on some more songs for the upcoming festivals and shows we have to look forward to.

Much love!