It's a quiet night and I have some time to relax while those around me watch TV and appear to be peaceful and content. I am sitting here thinking about what direction I want to go with my music. I have people ask me sometimes, "Gina what do you call your music?" I have no answer. Is it country? Is it rock? Is it folk? LOL I don't know. I can't label myself. I will simply continue writing and performing for you.
As far as what direction I go in, I am not sure if I am the one steering or if you guys are taking me for the ride! If you are, then I want to say THANK YOU! because it is one hell of a fun one so far! I will try to hang on!
We are very close to completing the CD.
I know many of you have asked when I will be performing at the Blue Heron Festival. Thank you for the compliment. Maybe someday! I have to earn my "original music" stripes so to speak. Let's see what the future holds and maybe I can entertain you there next year. :-)
Feel free to request to have me perform at the venue you want, most of these places have Facebook pages you can send messages to or comment on.
I am quickly booking Fall of 2011. I plan on having some surprises in store for you all. I wasn't kidding about the ballad in Italian. Some have heard it already acoustic. We will be recording it soon to release as a single on iTunes and Napster. The title is Ti Pensero'. Many have asked what or who I am writing about in that song... I plead the 5th on that one, wink, wink.
See you guys this summer! We have many fun festivals coming up! I look forward to seeing all of you!