What is new and brewing in my mind...

Before turning in tonight to hopefully get some sleep before a busy week I wanted to touch base with all of you. It has been a fun and eventful Summer to say the least! Time to slow down a bit and regroup so to speak.
Thank you so much for your support regarding the original music. It means more to me than you know. When you share a vid on FB or view and share from YouTube it gives me inspiration to keep on the right path and not give up.
Thank you to WRFA-LP 107.9FM in Jamestown, NY for giving my songs airtime!
and Thank you to Kix Country 96.5FM 100.3FM Chadwick Bay Broadcasting for having me on the air to perform and linking my vid for FIREFLY to your FB page. Your continued support and encouragement is well appreciated.
I am stoked about the upcoming events this Summer and Fall.
Truly polishing up the originals while I am writing new ones.
At this time...
I am slowing down on booking until I have my ducks in a row so to speak.
That is why you do not see Fall and Winter booked as you normally do. I plan to continue performing, yet not as often for a couple months. I have been going strong for two years now since I started writing and I want to come out of the gate full speed with quality stuff for you all to enjoy as soon as the time is right.
I will be meeting with various business people and working toward the original project. Completing the CD is a must. I will also be finalizing Ginavmusic as a business and contracting with BMI and/or ASCAP.
Since I do 90 percent of my own booking, promo and managment I am tired. hahaha.. Time to examine a few possibilities and see what some professionals have to offer. This will give me more time to create music.
A trip in the Spring to Nashville or a small tour may be happening as well.
So that's the scoop..taking a moment to see where I am at, and where I want to go. Simple as that. No major drama. Just breathing for a moment.
Thank you to the venues that are reaching out to book. I am more than happy to book some shows, just not every weekend for the Fall of 2012.
I will keep you all updated with news and upcoming events here and on FB.
Peace and much love to you all!
Now, if my cat would move over and quit hogging the covers I can go to bed. ;)
Be true to yourselves, let those you love know you love them..surround yourself with positive energy at all times! Gina