Wine and Blogging does go together well...

Well folks it has been some time since I wrote a blog on here..
I thought maybe I would pop in and share some thoughts.
It has been a wild ride so far with the new group THE BARN CATS. I can't say enough about how I am impressed with their hard work and dedication to the original music.
They stepped up to the plate when needed, did their homework, and put their own touches on the material I brought to them. I am very blessed and grateful to make music with them.
The members of the Barn Cats are: Barry Edwards on lead guitar and vocals,
Bob Unmack on bass guitar and vocals, Bobby Kachermeyer on drums and vocals and myself on lead vocals and guitar.
We continue to strive to provide our fan base with quality shows and music.
I want to thank the venues that are booking us and look forward to the festivals at our local wineries!

We are very excited to be working with national touring acts such as Big Leg Emma.
See our upcoming show section on this site for dates and locations.
The CD is underway very soon.
I would like to do an acoustic CD first since that is how it all started. There will be a release party when the final product is complete. Then I will be blogging again!

Big thanks to the local radio stations that continue to support our original music by promoting or playing it on the air.. WRFA-LP 107.9FM Jamestown, KIX COUNTRY 96.5FM/100.3FM Chautauqua County, WHUG 101.9FM MY COUNTRY Chautauqua County and 106.9 Kiss FM Jamestown.

I am currently working on writing new material and designing merchandise to be sold at our shows and other local events.

My new shop Gina V Music Creations will be located on 42 West Main Street in Fredonia, New York in the back of the already established Eye Candy at the same location.
I will carry local music products such as CDs, T-shirts, signed photographs of ALL local musicians (original or cover). There will be a section dedicated to just that.
The rest will be items made locally such as homemade candles, oils, blankets and local art. I will be adding Eye Candy to our LOCAL FAV section here on the site. If you would like something mail ordered..simply email me from this site.. easy!

So, off I go to work on some new material and work on getting new pics up here on the site.. thanks again for all your support! Much love... Gina