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Please help save my family tree.. historical and yes, like a country song, my mamma loved it :( NYS you are tree cutting fools!

It has been quite the day! I am currently trying to stop NYS DOT from removing the tree at the end of our driveway. They have worked with us in the past and held off before. I quote a supervisor that spoke to me a couple years ago, "I am sorry Gina, we will leave the tree alone. It is healthy and does not need to come down. We get so much money each year and we have to spend it. If we do not spend it we do not get the same amount the next year. I will find the crew something else to do. I do not want to upset your elderly mother". New boss, Mom gone...they are sharpening their saws as we speak. Yes, they have the right of way. Yes, it is a big tree. Thank you to our town Supervisor that has tried to help and Andy Goodell our Assemblyman. The DOT will not work with us. They have refused every offer we have made to appease them. The tree is about 200 years old. NO accident history, on a straight away..but it doesn't matter. It has to go and it could any day, at any time without my knowledge. A tree service from Rochester stopped by and the owner said to me, " I won't cut this tree. It is healthy, I will refuse NY DOT's offer, they are being ridiculous". I have contacted the DEC and they are going to come and research the tree asap to see if it has historical value and if it falls into the BIG TREE PROGRAM. The American Forest Association told me today that the bulk of their calls nationwide are from NYS citizens.. hmmm.. she said and I quote, "around here we call NY the tree slaughter state..". She also added that before any tree is cut it can be assessed for value and by law the state has to pay the land owner that cost. They never told me that, nor will they talk to me. Please say a little prayer that Mamma's, Dad's and the Cowden's tree is spared. It would be nice to preserve some Arkwight history around here.. Thanks!
If you would like the number to contact the heartless Supervisor in Albany that will not even speak to me, email me at
There is still hope. Thanks guys!
We also asked about trimming branches, they said no. We asked about a guard rail and to move the driveway, they said no. We asked about lowering the speed limit, they said no..and might I quote this ignorant person from Albany, " If you lower the speed limit the locals will not pay attention to it and will run into any out of town people that are following the new speed limit, this will cause accidents".. what?????

Wine and Blogging does go together well...

Well folks it has been some time since I wrote a blog on here..
I thought maybe I would pop in and share some thoughts.
It has been a wild ride so far with the new group THE BARN CATS. I can't say enough about how I am impressed with their hard work and dedication to the original music.
They stepped up to the plate when needed, did their homework, and put their own touches on the material I brought to them. I am very blessed and grateful to make music with them.
The members of the Barn Cats are: Barry Edwards on lead guitar and vocals,
Bob Unmack on bass guitar and vocals, Bobby Kachermeyer on drums and vocals and myself on lead vocals and guitar.
We continue to strive to provide our fan base with quality shows and music.
I want to thank the venues that are booking us and look forward to the festivals at our local wineries!

We are very excited to be working with national touring acts such as Big Leg Emma.
See our upcoming show section on this site for dates and locations.
The CD is underway very soon.
I would like to do an acoustic CD first since that is how it all started. There will be a release party when the final product is complete. Then I will be blogging again!

Big thanks to the local radio stations that continue to support our original music by promoting or playing it on the air.. WRFA-LP 107.9FM Jamestown, KIX COUNTRY 96.5FM/100.3FM Chautauqua County, WHUG 101.9FM MY COUNTRY Chautauqua County and 106.9 Kiss FM Jamestown.

I am currently working on writing new material and designing merchandise to be sold at our shows and other local events.

My new shop Gina V Music Creations will be located on 42 West Main Street in Fredonia, New York in the back of the already established Eye Candy at the same location.
I will carry local music products such as CDs, T-shirts, signed photographs of ALL local musicians (original or cover). There will be a section dedicated to just that.
The rest will be items made locally such as homemade candles, oils, blankets and local art. I will be adding Eye Candy to our LOCAL FAV section here on the site. If you would like something mail ordered..simply email me from this site.. easy!

So, off I go to work on some new material and work on getting new pics up here on the site.. thanks again for all your support! Much love... Gina

Enlightened and Grateful!

What an amazing time had by all at Willow Creek Winery in Silver Creek, NY for the Jammin in the Vines III.
Met so many wonderful people from all the bands that performed!
I gotta say I have a soft spot in my heart for Rusted Roots manager Larry.. what a great guy!
Too all the musicians that performed :RED WANTING BLUE, BIG LEG EMMA, RUSTED ROOT, their managers and promoters.. All of your advice and guidance was well recieved, believe me on that one.
To my band, that has no name yet.. well, one is brewing.. I want to say I thanks for putting up with me and learning all this material. They kicked the shit out of the originals and put on a pro performance! Our FIRST show as a band and they did awesome. As soon as we get set, I will be booking the full band, for now I am booking the acoustic act. I will be working on the CD also.
As for those of you that have been there since I sang blues full time to now.. and my new friends.. THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU. You supported the original music and every change I have made. You are honest in your emails to me about what you think of each move and where you would like to see me go. I do hear you and appreciate your thoughts and opinions! So, keep em coming!
Well it's off to bed, or write a song..who knows. :) See you at the next show and I will keep you posted as to what is coming up!
Much love, Gina

What is new and brewing in my mind...

Before turning in tonight to hopefully get some sleep before a busy week I wanted to touch base with all of you. It has been a fun and eventful Summer to say the least! Time to slow down a bit and regroup so to speak.
Thank you so much for your support regarding the original music. It means more to me than you know. When you share a vid on FB or view and share from YouTube it gives me inspiration to keep on the right path and not give up.
Thank you to WRFA-LP 107.9FM in Jamestown, NY for giving my songs airtime!
and Thank you to Kix Country 96.5FM 100.3FM Chadwick Bay Broadcasting for having me on the air to perform and linking my vid for FIREFLY to your FB page. Your continued support and encouragement is well appreciated.
I am stoked about the upcoming events this Summer and Fall.
Truly polishing up the originals while I am writing new ones.
At this time...
I am slowing down on booking until I have my ducks in a row so to speak.
That is why you do not see Fall and Winter booked as you normally do. I plan to continue performing, yet not as often for a couple months. I have been going strong for two years now since I started writing and I want to come out of the gate full speed with quality stuff for you all to enjoy as soon as the time is right.
I will be meeting with various business people and working toward the original project. Completing the CD is a must. I will also be finalizing Ginavmusic as a business and contracting with BMI and/or ASCAP.
Since I do 90 percent of my own booking, promo and managment I am tired. hahaha.. Time to examine a few possibilities and see what some professionals have to offer. This will give me more time to create music.
A trip in the Spring to Nashville or a small tour may be happening as well.
So that's the scoop..taking a moment to see where I am at, and where I want to go. Simple as that. No major drama. Just breathing for a moment.
Thank you to the venues that are reaching out to book. I am more than happy to book some shows, just not every weekend for the Fall of 2012.
I will keep you all updated with news and upcoming events here and on FB.
Peace and much love to you all!
Now, if my cat would move over and quit hogging the covers I can go to bed. ;)
Be true to yourselves, let those you love know you love them..surround yourself with positive energy at all times! Gina

Stoked about the future... learning from the past.

Hello fabulous people out there!

I may know some of you that read my blogs and some I do not. However what you see is pretty much what you get. LOL Either way I am glad to see you here on the site.

I am home getting ready to work on my newest song and thought I would take a moment and touch base.

I am happy to be back working with Mark Bunce and Jon Washburn in COAL TRAIN. Nothing like returning "home" as one of them put it. I have worked with Mark since 1992 and Jon for about 10 years now. Working with Stephanie on vocals together is an amazing experience! You can see where COAL TRAIN will be performing in the upcoming shows section on this site. I will be adding new shows as they are confirmed. So stop back and visit from time to time.
COAL TRAIN is working on my original songs and making them thier own. I hope to be back in the studio soon!

I want to say thank you to those of you that have shown such support for the songs that I have been writing and performing. It can be a very scary thing to get up there and spill your soul. Yet, I have found that people are not upset when you do an original song, they actually are open and want to hear something different. I believed in you, and you in turn believed in me. :)

So, on that note I will return to my guitar and work on some more songs for the upcoming festivals and shows we have to look forward to.

Much love!


Well people it's cold out tonight.. at least for those of you reading this in New York..LOL
Things have been moving quickly these days and I am trying to keep up. Not complaining one bit.

I couldn't believe my eyes at the amount of people that came to the White Inn for the show at the Fredonia Red,White and Blues Fest.

Jammin in the Vines II was an amazing event that we opened for at Willow Creek Winery. I thank Doug @ Willow Creek, John Streed, Big Leg Emma and Ross Catalino for having us.

The Festivals that Merritt Winery has booked us to perform at have given the originals much exposure as well and are so much fun! (and I do love those Sangria Slushies)

Since I picked up the guitar to seriously learn and start writing 8 months ago I now have about an one and half hours worth of original music. How the hell did that happen? BECAUSE OF ALL OF YOU.

You guys inspired me. You continue to inspire me. Now when we perform the originals we can do about a set worth and I notice the dance floor full. Some of you sing with me and call out for songs I wrote. Blows my mind. I thank you for that.

I was telling a friend on the way home from work today the difference between writing and performing your own songs and doing covers. It is such a rush. I don't want to go back to doing all covers. It can be an emotional roller coaster for me performing the originals at times. It is like reading your diary to a crowd of people. Yet, a level of trust has been formed. Like a in a friendship. When I introduce a new song, you all welcome it and embrace it. People have commented that there is a unique connection between our fan base and the band. I don't know how that happened other than I try to express how much I appreciate all of you. I share a lot, maybe more than I should some say. Yet, who cares. I took a big risk just doing originals, why not be honest about them and not put on airs as if I am something I am not? What you see is what you get. Pretty simple concept.

We are looking forward to finishing the CD. We decided that it needs more work. I have been busy writing and I do not want to put out something for you guys that is not complete and well done. You deserve better than that.

Merchandise has been designed and will be ready soon.

We are looking forward to playing a bit more regionally as well. I will keep you posted!

My focus right now regarding events is NDS Benefit at Willow Creek for the children of Nate Stevens. (Please see the event here for OCT 1st for details)
I hope for a huge success for the family. Everyone is working so hard. My prayers go out to them. Nate believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. So on Oct 1st I sing for him and his family as well as all of you. I miss him very much as do many of you. Let's make this happen people and pack Willow Creek in October!

As a final light hearted note, I have noticed that I am getting a lot of interest in my personal life since I have been doing originals. It's kinda cute. Some that do not know me ask me similar questions in FB emails or at shows.
So here ya go, answers to the top ten questions. I don't need to post the questions you guys already asked me...hahaha
1. No, I have never been married and it doesn't really interest me.
2. Pizza
3. I date but I try to avoid musicians.. LMAO!
4. I get nervous before every show. Frank Sinatra once said, "If you find that you are not nervous before a performance, you should go home"
5. well done
6. Dean Martin
7. My Mother
8. 75% Sicilian, 25% Napolitana
9. I would consider someone else performing a song I wrote.
10. Surrounding myself with positive people ensures a healthy outlook on life.
Oh wait, one more..I must add, "No, I will not go home with you after the show, I'm hanging with the band". ;)


It's a quiet night and I have some time to relax while those around me watch TV and appear to be peaceful and content. I am sitting here thinking about what direction I want to go with my music. I have people ask me sometimes, "Gina what do you call your music?" I have no answer. Is it country? Is it rock? Is it folk? LOL I don't know. I can't label myself. I will simply continue writing and performing for you.
As far as what direction I go in, I am not sure if I am the one steering or if you guys are taking me for the ride! If you are, then I want to say THANK YOU! because it is one hell of a fun one so far! I will try to hang on!
We are very close to completing the CD.
I know many of you have asked when I will be performing at the Blue Heron Festival. Thank you for the compliment. Maybe someday! I have to earn my "original music" stripes so to speak. Let's see what the future holds and maybe I can entertain you there next year. :-)
Feel free to request to have me perform at the venue you want, most of these places have Facebook pages you can send messages to or comment on.
I am quickly booking Fall of 2011. I plan on having some surprises in store for you all. I wasn't kidding about the ballad in Italian. Some have heard it already acoustic. We will be recording it soon to release as a single on iTunes and Napster. The title is Ti Pensero'. Many have asked what or who I am writing about in that song... I plead the 5th on that one, wink, wink.
See you guys this summer! We have many fun festivals coming up! I look forward to seeing all of you!

Originals, festivals and all that good stuff... :)

Seems like a good time of night to listen to some of my favorite music from Italy and blog about what is going on with Side Effect and the new music we are diving into.

First I want to thank all of you for your support and for joining us on this adventure. It is a feeling that is difficult to describe when I see all of you at the shows. I am humble and grateful. When I pitch ya a new song I wrote, I am like a kid that just drew a new picture and wants to share it with someone they care about. LOL

It is so crazy to think that six months ago I started writing. I never dreamed we would have a song selling on line and all of you sharing this with us. The comments on FB keep me going as well more than you know. I truly mean every "thank you". Some days I get up and think, "What are you crazy Gina?" But I think if this is crazy, then yes I am. I'm good with that. My biggest believer in my music was my father. I know that he would want me to continue writing, throwing curves, and challenging myself. I am influenced by all of you when I write and perform. Your kind words and feedback have truly effected my path in a good way. I have decided to truly block all negative and focus on positive thought. Surround yourself with positive people, it is healthy for you.. :)

The guys have been working so hard on the originals. I am very impressed with their dedication and talent. They take a song I wrote the night before and breathe new life into it. They listen and add their creative input. Then it becomes our song, not just mine. At this time we have about an hour worth of original music. Our goal is to be able to play venues that want only original, AND be able to perform locally for those that want to hear both, the originals and your favorite covers.
Jammin the Vines ll on August 27th @ Willow Creek Winery will be an example of that type of performance. We will be doing our originals and a few covers.

This week Bill is heading into the studio to lay down some acoustic guitar tracks for the CD. Then it is my turn to finish up the vocals and add any harmonies that would sound cool. This will then give Dan and my brother Chuck time to mix the CD.
We received our official letter in the mail from The United States Library of Congress stating that the songs on the CD are copyrighted and legally ours. :)
The rest I have written will be copyrighted as well.

I am working on our Fall bookings now. Yes, I intend on playing local and hoping to continue doing some out of town shows as well, so we might be planning some bus trips!
Bill and I are heading to Pittsburgh to Penn Brewery in August and I already know a bunch that are coming down and getting hotel rooms. This ought to be a riot! If that interests you, email me from here.

The new songs I have written are hard to describe because they are still being formatted with the guys. I would say some are alt country, rock and some roots based. One is purely pop Italian. (and written in Italian)
The Italian song is titled, Ti Pensero' which means I will think of you.
It will be recorded soon while doing the CD and released on iTunes and Amazonmp3 as a single to be promoted in Europe and here in the US asap.

I strive to create music that stirs the soul and brings a smile or a tear. I want to continue to work towards Side Effect (me as well) putting on a complete and professional performance for all of you. You deserve to hear and see a full blown show, to be entertained.

I need to thank the bar owners, venues, managers and promoters also that believed and still believe in my original music. John Streed manager of Big Leg Emma heard a few rough drafts months ago and said, "Keep writing Gina, don't give up". Charity Nuse of BLE refused to let me think negatively when I had a "freak out" about my songs. LOL.

So, that's the scoop! Festivals for the summer, CD getting wrapped up and I am writing, writing, writing... and thankful every minute.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming shows. We will be doing three for Merritt winery and two with Willow Creek Winery..(I might become a wino performing at all this wine fests!) LOL

See you all soon!

Gina :)

Memorial Fund : Nate and Natalie's children Louisa and Vivienne

RIP NATE, you will be missed by many...

Please continue to pray for the family of our friend Nate. They will need your prayers of support and strength during this difficult time.

Please feel free to give to the children of Nate Stevens.

Evans National Bank is accepting donations for the girls.
You can visit the Forestville branch at 25 Main Street or any Evans Bank.

Thank you.

Yours truly,



HERE IS A LINK TO THE FB EVENT FOR THE SHOW:!/event.php?eid=192135914155984


WHAT A SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


HERE IS THE LINK FOR THAT EVENT ON FB:!/event.php?eid=183965311622833

BIG LEG EMMA, 10:00P-11:30P
SIDE EFFECT (featuring Gina Vecchio) 2:30P-4:30PM
Tickets; $15-All Ages gates open at 2:00P $5 parking
(this is a camping event)

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