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Firefly released on iTunes, Amazon and Napster!

I am so happy to announce that our single Firefly has been released for download on iTunes, Napster and Amazon!

Thank you to those that have already downloaded the song and have given feedback to myself and the band. It has been such a work in progress and what a great feeling it is to see it all come to life.

We are looking forward to completing the CD and releasing more songs for download within the next few months. We are currently in the process of laying down the rest of the tracks and will be mixing in the Spring and early Summer of this year.

CD release party is still planned to be held at 41 West Bar and Grill in Fredonia, NY on Sept. 24th! I myself am working diligently on honing my guitar skills and writing new songs for the next CD.

Thank you again for your ongoing support.






Well delivered feedback about vocals, performance and originals!

What a cool site! Everyone should check this it out!

I come home from a "hard days night" feeling exhausted and happen to check my FB before turning in. There it is a post from Rusty's site. Well how can I not click and see right? I find myself reading, clicking away and enjoying this amazing and informative entertainment website.

Then I am thinking, "Why did he put this link on my page"? So, I keep clicking and stumble across a write up about one of the acoustic shows Bill and I did with my friend Tara Graves. As most of you know Tara, Bill and I did a few shows for fun (we have one more booked for this spring yet). I was very happy to see some serious feedback regarding the performance and my originals. The delivery was heartfelt and well delivered. Also well received might I add. It has inspired me to work even harder on my originals and guitar playing.

Big thanks to Rusty and those like him that take the time to inspire and appreciate music and where it come from....the heart.


Recording High....

Sitting here listening to the rough draft of the CD from Side Effect's recording session last week with my candles lit. :)

The Title song "Just a Dream" has me in a whirl! How these guys take my songs and bring them to life!

A few of you asked me about a blues song for the CD...well, that's "Last Call". They took it and funked it out so to speak!

"Not Your Problem" is a pure rocker. Kinda has a feel of it's own, but a mover for sure.

"Draw the Line" is a darker song for my EMO crew...LOL..I love you guys!

"Alicia" gets better every time we play it. I have no idea what genre to label that one. All I can say to those that have not heard it, is that it is upbeat and happy. Catchy chorus...

"Busy Being Me" and "Firefly" you already can sample here.

"For the First Time and Firefly" will be done again in the studio acoustically.
Taking some advice from some good friends, there will be solo and bass line added to "Firefly".

The newest song I haven't talked about much will be recorded this Thursday. It is another rocker. Named today... "Wake the Day".

So, there you have it...let the good times roll!

Oh, Firefly will be mixed first to prep it for i Tunes. Very soon my friends, very soon. As always, thanks for the support and showin the love!

Firefly Video and song on FB and You Tube

I am very grateful for the amazing response to the video I put together for the rough draft of Firefly! Thank you so much!

I shared your responses with the members of Side Effect last week at practice and they all extend their thanks, especially Bill Smith.

I remember the night Bill played the chord progression for me and I taped it on my cell phone! I took it home and played it over and over again until the melody and lyrics arrived.
Firefly is a song about childhood innocence and how much as an adult I sometimes miss that. It's about hometown living and loving without prejudice and judgments.

Side Effect performed at 41 West in Fredonia, NY last night and I was excited to hear the requests for Firefly and some of the other originals! Bill and I are also looking forward to performing acoustically with Charity Nuse and Steve Johnson from Big Leg Emma on April 29th @ 41 West in Fredonia, NY for a Jammin in the Vines ll Pre-show. Side Effect will be performing at the Jammin in the Vines ll event @ Willow Creek Winery in August..see "upcoming shows" for details.

Side Effect began recording last week at Side Effect's bass player Dan Rybi's studio. I am happy to announce that my brother Chuck Vecchio (Sound Man for Big Leg Emma, Passion Works and more) has agreed to assist Dan in mixing the CD. Chuck is a well respected and talented sound man that has worked with countless musical acts in this area for years.

It was decided that Side Effect would release Firefly as a single first on iTunes for download due to the high volume of requests.

Tonight is a night off to relax at home, listen to some tunes and be grateful for all of you that have been so supportive to what is going on with this music! I read and listen to all of your feedback. Keep it coming!

Showin the love...

Gina :)

What am I listening to right now? Bob Dylan :-)

WOW! Great Crowd at 41 West in Fredonia, New York today!

I am home unwinding from the amazing day I had at 41 West today with all of you! Thanks for coming out and having fun! It has been a long winter and I can not wait until Spring and um...SUMMER!!! The grill is waiting for me! LOL

Tara, Bill and I are looking forward to another show next weekend at Sunset Bay Restaurant on the 19th of this month. I strongly believe that working with different musicians is the key to growing as a musician and a performer. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Tara when we can and perform together for all of you.

Thank you for supporting the originals and for inspiring and supporting me to continue not only writing but playing guitar. It started to feel natural to play for the first time today, and I thank all of you for that! See you all soon! Gina... :)

What's new and happening now!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking out the site!

I want to take a moment and answer some of your many questions.

1. SIDE EFFECT is working on recording the CD. We have picked eight originals and are currently laying down tracks. The CD release party will be on 9/24/11 @ 41 West in Fredonia, NY. Ang and the rest of his fabulous crew has been very supportive of this and we are hoping to have a live remote there with a local radio station that night. This is going to be a lot of fun! I welcome any ideas you have about this event. Go ahead and be creative!

2. Regarding LAST CALL, we are not booking right now due to a schedule change in one of our member's work hours. I do not feel it is professional or respectful of me to book shows not knowing if he can play them or not. I am happy to wait for him to recieve a permenent schedule and go from there. That will be soon! For now we will play out the shows booked as planned.

3.I will be performing acoustic shows as well. You can see on the event list who I am performing with. I look forward to even more creative acoustic combinations to suprise you never know what I am going to come up with... ;)

4. This website will be streaming the originals as soon as we re mix a couple of them. I want to have some examples on here soon. Once each song is done completley we will have all eight songs on here.
You will be able to purchase the CD at shows and here on the site. I have gotten word from some local businesses in the North County that are happy to carry the CD as well.

List of song titles that will be on the CD

1. Busy Being Me
2. Alicia
3. Firefly
4. Not Your Problem
5. For the First Time
6. Draw the Line
7. Little Bit of You
8. Just a Dream

So, there is the update...thanks for the questions and feedback!
If you want to book a show, email me from here and we can chat about it!
I will also be playing out of town, so if you are from another area contact me, I am open to new places and new venues as well.

Keep on rockin!

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